Hotel Pelagos Aghios Minas - Chalkida, Euboea

Pelagos Hotel

Ρεσεψιόν«Pelagos» is the Greek word for «Sea». Pelagos hotel, anchored on the rock, just four kilometers from the Chalkida old bridge, on the beautiful coast of northern Evia, Agios Minas, overlooking the open blue sky and the horizon amidst the sea, away from the fast-paced city center.

A wide-open window to let the sunshine come pouring into the spacious room, a glass of cool water resting on a melticulously embroideres lace napkin, fresh hot bread, the fragrance of a basil plant in a pot, a Greek candy sweet as if made by the hands of a loving mother!!

Pelagos hotel hides its secret well, and awaits you to show you that comfort can be given with love, that luxury may go along with taste. Pelagos hotel is always yours, waiting for you.

Greece. A place so many call paradise — sun, sand, sparkling sea. Greece. A land almost too ethereal, too magical and too steeped in mythology to be real. Here, in this country, in this corner, in the gulf, stands Pelagos hotel.

Pelagos offers 115 rooms including 21 bungalows with air conditioning. All the rooms are equipped with Air Condition, TV, refrigerator, telephone, hair dryer, safe, central heating.

The hotel provides a 24-hour reception, breakfast over 3 hours, room service 12 hours - room service, Laundry service - washing machines, credit cards accepted.

At "Pelagos Hotel" there is a restaurant with delicious Greek cuisine made with homemade care that is so rare to find anymore. It also operates a cafe-bar with a variety of coffees and drinks.

In the outdoor space there is a swimming pool with seawater and an outdoor Jacuzzi, which gives you moments of coolness staring at the sea. In the pool area there is also a coffee - bar. Two tennis courts, a basketball, a playground and a small fitness room to help you enjoy your leisure time.

For those of you who want to make a gift of relaxation to yourself, the “Pelagos”   has specially designed areas with relaxation rooms for backgammon and card games, billiards, TV room with large screen, large and comfortable living rooms and free wireless internet.


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Restaurant  Restaurant  Hotel  Hotel  Hotel  Tennis Court 

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